Privacy Policy

In addition to providing a convenient shopping environment for consumers, the OTL Mall online shopping platform also values your privacy. According to the relevant national laws, regulations, legal procedures or government requirements, the privacy protection statement is therefore set. Please read the following privacy protection details in detail.

•  Personal data acquisition
When users enter OTL Mall website, no personal information is needed unless you want to join our membership or make a purchase. OTL Mall will not obtain users' personal information without notification to users.
OTL Mall records user's location on website/ browses the website/other related materials, all this information is only used for traffic analysis and online behavioral survey to improve our services.
OTL Mall may request users to register personal information in order to contact, complete the transaction, provide service or process subscription.

•  Use of personal data
Personal data obtained by OTL Mall and its related website are for the purpose and scope of use within OTL Mall as specified. OTL Mall will never provide users' personal date to 3rd parties unless stated or in accordance with applicable laws. By registering member, you are willing to accept promotional news, information and offers from OTL Mall, If you reject to receive any information, please email to 

•  Cookies
OTL Mall may use cookie technology to provide services that are more suitable for users; cookies are a technique used by web host to communicate with users' browsers. It may store certain information on users' computer, but users can cancel or restrict this function via browser's setting.

•  Data security
To protect users' personal privacy and security, account information in OTL Mall is protected by password.
In some cases, OTL Mall uses the world's advanced SecureSocket Layer(SSL) transmission encryption mechanism to prevent your data from being read by 3rd parties during transmission. 

OTL Mall will not sell or disclose your personal data without your consent, except in following cases:
• Any agent, contractor and service provider that provided services to OTL Mall operations, including administration, order processing, electronic communications, computers, website maintenance, payment matters and other services.
• Any person or institution that has a confidentiality agreement with us, including affiliates.
• Any person or institution that we believe is obligated to disclosed information to it under the relevant laws.

•  Network link
OTL Mall and its related websites and web pages may contain links to other websites or web pages, and these websites or web pages that are not OTL Mall, regardless of their content or privacy policy, are not related to OTL Mall.

•  Update and modify member information
By registering as OTL Mall member, you agreed to the above policy and personal information collection statement. When you enter and agreed to become our member, you must fill in some of the personal date in response to the requirements of the personal information collection statement on the website. As a condition of using the OTL Mall service, you also have the right to request amendments to your personal information. If the personal data changes or the information is found to be incorrect, you can log in and correct or modify it on this website, including requesting to stop sending e-newsletters, advertisements and other related information.

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